VNU Journal of Economics and Business Embedded with the VNU-UEB’s Brand Name


It is the serious commitment to the scientific publication of the VNU Journal of Economics and Business, the excellence of the research results of the lecturers, experts, and scientists inside and outside the VNU University of Economics and Business that have affirmed the prestige of the Journal as the State Council for Professor Title assessed it as a journal of high quality in Vietnam. In order to reach the international level, the Journal will constantly improve its quality toward the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) standards and then ISI/SCOPUS ones. With the participation of prestigious experts and scientists in the Editorial Board, the active contribution of authors, the effective support of the Editorial Board as well as the leaders of the VNU, the VNU University of Economics and Business and the Editorial Board of VNU Economics and Business believe that the coming time will be prosperous for its growth and it will create its own identity and make outstanding contributions to the industry of economics and business, becoming a prestigious publication in the domestic scientific community and expanding its international reach. 

We are honored to introduce the video clip about the VNU Journal of Economics and Business, with the hope that readers will get a better understanding of the Journal! 

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