VNU Journal of Economics and Business strives to internationalize its editorial activities


Recently, the VNU Journal of Economics and Business has received its ISSNs, become a VJOL member, and gradually approached the standards of an international journal of science.

Here is the short interview with Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu who is the Editor in Chief about her journal’s internationalization efforts.

What do you think of the importance of international publication for universities?

Currently, the international publication is considered one of the important criteria in research. Therefore, in addition to strategies to support and increase the publication of international articles, universities are upgrading their journals to meet international standards and be indexed in a world-class database. In that context, the VNU University of Economics and Business surely is developing the VNU Journal of Economics and Business to meet ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and ISI/SCOPUS standards. For that goal, the Journal has joined domestic databases, registered for ISSNs, e-ISSN, and become a member of the Vietnam Journals Online (VJOL).

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Could you please share a little bit more about the internationalization efforts through the editorial activities of the VNU Journal of Economics and Business?

Inheriting the achievements of the predecessor, the VNU Journal of Science: Economics and Business,  the VNU Journal of Economics and Business has gradually met the international standards and practices of a scientific journal such as having an online publishing system, having DOI numbers, importing its data into Google Scholar and V-CitationGate sources, ensuring the highly scientific content of published papers, ensuring the punctuality of the publishing, and satisfying editorial criteria according to the ACI… Particularly, the Editorial Board members are prestigious scholars from universities, research institutes or government consulting agencies at home and abroad.

Having published the first two issues with its new name (VNU Journal of Economics and Business), the Journal was granted ISSNs according to Decision No. 31/TTKHCN-ISSN dated September 28, 2021 as follows:

- ISSN 2734-9845 (Vietnamese version)
- ISSN 2734-9853 (English version)
- e-ISSN 2734-9861 (Online)

The Journal has also become an official member of the Vietnam Journals Online (VJOL) community - a database that allows readers to access scientific knowledge published in Vietnam. The contents, abstracts, and full text of the published papers are published at

Could you please tell a bit about the development orientation of the VNU Journal of Economics and Business in the near future?

With its new role and position, the VNU Journal of Economics and Business continues upgrading itself to be indexed in the ACI and ISI/SCOPUS later. First of all, the leaders of the Journal determine and make persistent efforts to pursue that goal; be more proactive, creative, and innovative in all of the editorial activities; increase the application of information technology and digitize the editorial procedures; promote national and international cooperation for its growth, contribute to building an academic community with contributions to management, administration and research practices in the fields of economics and business.

We believe that, with the participation of prestigious experts and scientists in the Editorial Board, the active contribution of the community of highly committed authors, and with active support and of VNU leaders, the Journal will become a quality, prestigious publication and achieve international standards according to the set schedule.

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